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'''The Taxpayers''' originated in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. Originally a three-piece guitar/bass/drum combination, the band incorporates accordion, horns, piano, harmonica, and other instruments live and during recording sessions. Currently they perform live with a range from three to eight members. They strongly support the DIY punk ethic, booking their own shows, printing their own merchandise, and releasing their own albums. The Taxpayers have releases on Plan-It-X Records, Quote Unquote Records, Useless-State Records, and Asian Man Records. "The Medicines," a song from their 2007 album ''Exhilarating News'' is featured as intro and interstitial music on [ Sawbones], a podcast about medical history hosted by Justin McElroy and Dr. Sydnee McElroy.
OriginPortland, OR, United States|USA
GenrePunk rock, Punk jazz
Years active2007–present
LabelUseless-State Records, Plan-It-X Records, Quote Unquote Records, Asian Man Records
Associated actsAtomic Butter Babes, [ Potsie], [ Naam Sain], [ Fandeth], [ Shitty Weekend], [ Negation]
Current membersRob Taxpayer (Guitar, Vocals)
Noah Taxpayer (Drums)
Phil Gobstopper (Bass)
Danielle Steal (Accordion/Keyboard)
Kevin Taxpayer Lurkins (Trumpet)
Alex Saxplayer (Bari Sax)
Andrew Link (Banjo)
Zach Moran (Trombone)
Eric Frame (sound engineer)
Nate Taxpayer (Bass, 2007-2008)
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